SUPPLY TEACHERS: The unsung ‘teachers’ heroes

Teaching is challenging. It involves a lot of tasks rather than just ‘reading’ books to students. For some people teaching is a half-day job. You teachers out there can all confirm the hard works that are involved in teaching such as morning registry, afternoon registry, and the pastoral care of students’ needs. All teachers are heroes and heroines. However it’s high time to talk about the unsung heroes of the profession. Yes, you guessed it right; I am referring to the ‘supply teachers’. The term ‘supply teachers’ has been wrongly coined. Supply technically means that something that is available to be used. Supply teachers in this country are a reserved army of labour, hired when necessary and fired when not needed. That said, the amount of work a supply teacher is entitled to do is the same to that an educator who is a permanent teacher if not less. They are given replacements when teachers are absent and yet they are treated like objects. Casual leaves and sick leaves do not exist for supply teachers irrespective of any issue. Supply teachers are very much scared, as they are aware that if they do not turn up for work, their salaries will be deducted. No pay slip is attributed and they are paid in the middle of the next month.
It’s high time for the government to review the poor conditions of the supply teachers and allow them to enjoy and share the same conditions as educators. Sadly those who are eagerly waiting for the forms of supply teachers will be disappointed as it is going to be delayed due to the recent recruitment of educators.