Is there anyone out there who CARES about the EIILM students?

No need to be prescient to figure out the obvious. Nor the need to resort to ‘longanistes’ to know that things happen at an alarmingly slow pace here.  Slow internet connection. Getting a job. Tablets which are struggling to take off in secondary schools.  Endless bureaucracy.  Long queues. Tedious traffic jams. Investigations which go on forever, especially those which concern political figures and/or their near and dear ones.
However, the deafening silence of concerned authorities to take the appropriate actions or the inability to even SAY anything to reassure the students and their families has been a step too far in the farcical imbroglio enveloping the tertiary education sector in Mauritius.  Some sort of education hub, we claim to be.  This is called juggling recklessly with the future of so many youngsters. For the sake of a few thousand rupees? The government is keen to produce one graduate per family.  Granted.  However, is quantity desirable to the detriment of quality? Tertiary institutions have been sprouting at the speed of lightning all over, canvassing is on-going to fill them up and this constitutes a wonderful business venture.
Shock.  Qualifications from EIILM University (Mauritius Branch Campus) are not recognized by fellow tertiary institutions, as we speak and students are unable to apply for post-graduate courses.  One can imagine the utter devastation of the students and parents who have invested so much into what they were led to believe would be the paving steps towards success.  There is genuine cause for concern. Education does not come cheap.  Graduate unemployment is the new scourge gnawing our society.  Many students justifiably are revolted.
What is going to happen to the above-named institution? Ordered to close down? What is the position of the Ministry of Tertiary Education concerning this act of injustice? Why is there such a brick wall? Why is it stubbornly observing a deep, ongoing moment of silence? Shouldn’t the Ministry be acting fast in the interest of the students and sort out this chaos? What is going to happen to the students? Be compensated? If so, in what way/s? Maybe, ethics is too outmoded a concept in our sunshine country.  At the end of the day, who cares? A valuable lesson learnt is that prospective tertiary students have to be more than doubly cautious when choosing an institution…to avoid bitter disappointments.
In this nation of lethargies, my questions might as well remain unanswered….


Hi Bhawna

It's very easy to criticised based on some bias journalist opinions from defi media Mr. T.L (Close to MSM) but i can challenge you that concerning the fresh graduate from EIILM, 90 percent are already working and others are already doing their post graduate in U.K, South Africa and France. Only the local universities like UTM OR UOM is making an issue with TEC and so on. For more info. the CEO of EIILM and myself are available for any query.


Even the level of SC/HSC have drastically gone down. This has its repercussion on the tertiary level. I mean what real competence can these student have? And due to their degress recognised or not, they'll to do other jobs for which they are really apt. On the other hand, we are 'importing' workers from China and Bangladesh! Ironical, isn't it?

You said it all. Doubly cautious. How to protect people against Ponzi schemes? How to protect people from drinking,smoking, doing drugs, etc.
Doubly cautious.