TRIBUNE : Justice and injustice

I read your article on how the police mistreated Catherine Boudet when she was falsely accused of false and malicious denunciation in writing when she was acting in the public interest. I have shown below as to how the police ignored documentary evidence of genuine false and malicious denunciation in writing because it concerned a well connected individual. My case was of such clear double standards by the police that it was taken up by Paul Berenger as reported in the Week-End of 18th August 2013.
1. On 7th February 2012 or thereabouts, A. R. (Managing Partner of a company)  made a declaration to the police that I had allegedly sent malicious emails against him and a supposedly charitable trust based in Mauritius to parties in the UK.
2. On 10th February 2012 at around 8.30 a.m, 5 CCID officers came to my residence with a warrant to arrest me and seize my laptop. It was only the intervention of my father (a barrister and ex-magistrate) that prevented them from hauling on the spot me to Central CID.
Note: I was due to depart to London on 11th February 2012 to file documents against A.R.  and his associates (in UK, South Africa, etc.) with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in London of money laundering, illegal property acquisitions in Mauritius and massive tax evasion. A.R. knew of my departure. All this was done by the police at break neck speed, for the convenience of A.R. to stop my departure!
3. I went to CCID later that morning, accompanied by my counsel, and showed that all documents produced by A.R. were NOT MALICIOUS. In fact these documents contained evidence of illegal transactions by him and his associates which included money laundering, etc. He had lied!
The police realised they had made a gross mistake, so much so that two ACP  quickly met my father and I to say that they would not issue an objection to departure against me. How generous of them when the arrest was illegal!
Note: The same documents alleged as false in February 2012 by A.R. were used on 11th July 2012 as evidence that I, as an ex-trustee, had allegedly breached the Trusts Act 2001 for him to obtain an injunction. In other words the same document declared false a few month ago by A.R. was now averred by him as factual! I informed the police of this. On the 4th July 2012, I had denounced him and his associates to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the UK to which I had been redirected by the SFO. The injunction was to prevent me from making further denunciations to SOCA.
4. I made a declaration of false and malicious denunciation in writing against A.R. on 9th May 2013, OB Number 217/2013. The police have done nothing!
The DPP was aware of the above declaration as it was mentioned in a letter sent to them in May 2013. The same letter was sent again to them in August 2013 as they had not received the original registered letter! In this letter, A.R. also swore a false affidavit (OB Number: 232/2013), which was supported by documentary evidence, yet once again, the police took no action.
With the cases of Catherine Boudet and mine, we cannot say that there is ‘justice a deux vitesse’. In fact there is only injustice as she and I should never have been put through such ordeals when we BOTH WERE ACTING IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. My case opens up a whole can of worms!