Universal Peace – A myth

For the purpose of this brief article I shall use the definition of peace as “freedom from or the cessation of war”– and myth “as a widely held but false notion”.
Since antiquity, savage warfare is occurring in the four corners of planet earth for various reasons. This situation is likely to persist until each individual finds his or her own inner peace – which is being given and available at no cost whatsoever. Those who have felt that inner peace – associated with joy and absolute freedom will not give this up for all the opulence in this miserable world.
Some readers may legitimately ask whether the definition of peace mentioned in the first paragraph is applicable to the internal milieu of our brain.  This is certainly the case, as there are many conflicts, innumerable turbulence occurring in our mind mostly which are not being apparent.  Some individual will at one time or another suffer from some form of mental pain.  Usually this settles down.  However when the mental anguish becomes chronic, there is great suffering with complete loss of internal peace.  
Knowing your true identity is the gateway to the art of detachment which is a powerful way to inner freedom and peace.  Each and every individual should increase the circle of compassion for any living things; otherwise he will not find peace on his own.
The majority of politicians of all board have developed this persistent thirst for power.  The latter simply means control. Every individual including politicians have no control whatsoever in the innumerable thoughts occurring daily in his mind, yet a futile attempt is made to control the thoughts and feelings of others. This is an aberration so say the least!
Attribution of the Nobel Peace Prize should be reevaluated as there is not a single day where there is peace in this chaotic and miserable world.
Peace is a myth.  This is a reality held by the vast majority of people. With some reflection one will inevitably realize of this false notion.
Inner peace remove mental anguish which allows the mind to become transparent and in tranquility. Readers are reminded that life management is essentially mind management.
It is only when each individual has felt his or her own inner peace that external peace in the world would be realized. This is a reality which can be concretized. The widely held view of empty handed one came from this world and empty handed when one would depart from this world is not correct.
Those who have fulfilled his heart would certainly not go empty handed. Being born as an optimist I conclude by saying, that each individual needs peace and not the world. With time this world would become a better place for each individual to live and thrive! No one can take away your internal peace which can be felt in the midst of warfare.