VOLUNTEER MEDICAL AND PARAMEDICAL STAFF : Despicable Medical Post for Hadj Pilgrims at the SSR Int. Airport

It seems that Doctors and nurses who were on stand-by at the airport for the Hadj pilgrims did not have a proper private set-up nor the basic equipment for the examination of patients. Not even a medical partition screen has been placed in the departure hall and check-in areas. I learned that some pilgrims were shocked and disappointed for not being provided with water to have their pills as it was not provided to the medical post. Others that needed medical assistance were reluctant to visit the medical staffs as there were no privacy at all.
 Even if the medical and paramedical staff are doing this on a voluntary basis, it does not mean that nothing should be provided. Did the Medical Representative of the Ministry of Health at the airport feel the least concerned and overlooked all these issues?