Wandering souls

the soul has been wandering, for years, for hundred
of years, looking for a new body,
she left her body because she could not do otherwise,
there was too much restlesness in her, too much
impatience, at times she was tempted to go back to the
body but there was a quietness there that felt like death
and she did not want to die while living
most bodies die while living
and the body did not know about her leaving
most bodies don't know that sometimes their
souls leave them and that is how it should be
and she has been wandering now for years,
for hundred of years,
asking the same questions, will I ever belong to a body,
will I ever find a body which will fulfill me, make
me feel whole, even for a few minutes, for a few seconds,
will I ever find a mirror to my impatience,
to my restlessness,
will I ever be at peace, will I ever be at peace ?

maybe she will one day realise
that restless souls are wandering souls,
restless souls must keep wandering,
that's part of their very nature, no body can accomodate them
but the soul can, from time time, be part of a body
and make it alive, make it dream,
make it want another similar soul,
wandering souls can't be at peace
because they are lovers
lovers of the unquiet sort, lovers of love
they are made not to belong to
bodies but to make bodies love, sometimes