Welcome to the Shift System!

It is high time Mauritius 2017 joined the mainstream rather than live in la la land. When it comes to a field like medecine, it is not wise to be off track. We seem to persist though and it only further damages, dents  and bruises a vital sector - our health. I have repeatedly nagged to deaf ears about half-baked Mauritian style health issues such as CPD and the level of medical training of our future medics. We have had DY PATIL and other incredulous politically tolerated health initiatives.
I am glad we have a fellow medic heading the M.O.H. I am glad he has brought in the financial aspect of modern health delivery. I am too well versed in this radical approach to lean-working having in a recent past life led those initiatives abroad.
With the European working time directive, the United Kingdom was forced to introduce a shift system to tow the line with the European working laws, for all except consultants. This was law, no consultation or negociation. I, as you, trained in different times and survived! We even enjoyed the challenge as young keen medics. Money was not even a passing thought to us.
The shift system is totally justifiable in this modern world of health economics. No national health service that is free can be run amateurishly anymore. Real economics is a major fulcrum in any debate to a viable health delivery model. There is no room for follies as local needs of medics. It is very shabby as a valid, lucid argument.
Do not yield Doc; those who find it unjust can join the private health sector. They will then understand the harsh reality of being self employed!