What about a Mauritian Cultural Centre

Different cultural centres have been set up to cater for the needs of all the existing ethnic groups that thrive and flourish in our arc-en-ciel society. The cultural centres of each ethnic group receive financial assistance from the state in order to promote their culture in Mauritius. The motive behind such an endeavour may be attributed firstly to create a healthy and harmonious environment in this multi-racial country and secondly to familiarize with each other’s culture in order to know our compatriots well.
It is said that Mauritius is like a garden in which different types of flowers flourish. It is therefore given to believe that we like the flowers more than the garden. In this optic my opinion is that a Mauritian Cultural Centre can become the vanguard of national unity. Unity in diversity is the propelling force, which helps keeping stability in our society. However, the MCC can become the showcase of Mauritianism because in the case of other cultural centres only the culture relating to a particular ethnic group is promoted. But behind all ethnic groups there is a fundamental element that identifies our nationality, and that identification is Mauritian. The responsibilities of the MCC will be to enhance national unity by embodying major aspects of other cultures and to function with them accordingly.
The MCC will have the tasks to carry out research works on history, archeology and culture. It should be a centre par excellence by projecting a true image of the multi racial nation of ours. The staff of this centre will have to be chosen from different ethnic groups while the chairman and the director will be selected on a temporary basis for two years. A composite product of our arc-en-ciel nation will be projected from this centre. Very little importance is given to our National Day celebration. Other festivals are celebrated for the whole month whereas the National Day, after the 12th March shrinks and falters. The MCC can monitor this festival throughout the nook and corner of Mauritius.
A panel to look after national unity
The governing team will have to see that the spirit of national unity is safeguarded. For this purpose a permanent panel or ‘comité d’élite’ can be set up together with a comité des sages, representing all the religions of our society. We cannot deny the fact that national unity is jeopardized occasionally and most particularly during the electoral campaign. The two panels should function on a permanent basis and in the face of critical situation, they will play a prominent role in abating the communal flare. None of the two big parties have given any indication of how to consolidate national unity in our country. One should not forget that due to this unity, we happen to make gigantic strides towards success. A stable and sound social foundation is a prelude to economic success. No investors would like to land in trouble if instability prevails in a society. Besides the FDI, the tourism industry can suffer a real setback. The tourists need security. In the absence of peace and stability, the industry will fail to attract visitors in greats numbers. This will result in the loss of jobs and revenue.
The consolidation of national unity is paramount. I had expected that something better would be presented in this respect by both parties but they have focused more on socio-economic items. Anyhow, they can revisit their programme because as the saying goes “better late than never”.