What next? Who next?

An acquaintance of mine from other shores who has been living in Mauritius for a few years now, made the following remark: ‘Mauritians are gradually losing their warm, spontaneous smiles.’
That observation made me take a step back and reflect on what he had said.  Tragically, I have to agree with him.  Looking around, the feel-good factor that used to hover comfortingly over us is all but gone. The ideal of a peaceful paradisiacal island life is fast evaporating.  Indeed, we cannot help but wonder what else is going to happen, in the waves of scandals that are voraciously engulfing us. Every day, when I wake up, I gear myself for: ‘What next? Who next?’
How utterly disillusioning it is to find depressing news systematically splashed in the local papers! Our political class in its ensemble has been embroiled in all types of malpractices imaginable, ruthlessly plundering or aiding to loot the resources of our motherland.  Till now, as we are getting ready to celebrate our 50th Independence Anniversary in great pomp, there are very few politicians who can claim to have emerged without a single blemish.  This is a matter of concern, particularly as they are supposed to be national role models and inspire young people to follow in their footsteps.  Instead, when things cannot get any worse, we are suffocated with a daily dose of political wrongdoings and are left to ponder: ‘What next? Who next?’
One of the unfortunate events (again) which made it to the limelight this week highlights the way women are treated in a still patriarchal nation. A lady who had the courage to call a senior minister to task as he was talking about irrelevant issues during a seminar was insulted and made to leave by the very man who had forgotten the virtues and principles he was supposed to embody. Sadly, most of the audience members present opted to support the senior minister in his gibberish verbiage. The ensuing backlash, once the clip was posted online, did little to push our governors to publicly reprimand or ask the concerned minister to step down.  So, are these ministers so invincible? Should such arrogance be commended? No wonder, again we are forced to meditate over: ‘What next? Who next?’
When we find ourselves in a nation which has lost its compass and is preyed by vultures which are bent on filling their own pockets, should we be resigned to our fates? The collective soul should be awakened to fight back and not be a mere passive spectator.  We need to win back our smiles. Otherwise, we will be trudging with a gruelling burden, dragging our national flag along: ‘What next? Who next?’