Women as Sex Objects

Since the dawn of time women have been depicted as sex objects. The diverse forms of media and advertising continue to project women as sex appeal symbols. Women are put on display like pieces of commodities or ‘marchandise’. The only variance is that the sexually-oriented depictions of women in advertising and media have contemptibly become more open than before. It is a notorious fact that “sex sells”. One can say that it sells like peanuts. The more nudity or sexual reference depicted, the greater the sales generated in an exploitative and profit-driven media industry.
Despite all the efforts made to address this problem by Gender Links and partner organisations, such as Media Watch some years back, the problem persists. Media Watch had in 2004 assisted with the withdrawal of several offensive advertisements but for some reasons we do not hear these organisations any more, at least not on this issue. Have they been silenced or do they not consider this asproblematical anymore?
Travelling on the bus to the university everyday, I cannot stop asking myself the question “why women, despite being often excluded from work,  which is generally regarded as men’s work, are nevertheless used as marketing tools to promote ‘man stuffs’. A typical example is the billboard advertisement “Makita Power Tools Professionals at work” at Venus, Port-Louis.
The woman’s sex appeal is clearly visible but there is no way that tools will become Super Tools if a woman promotes them.
Newspaper ads such as the Dragon Electronics Bellisimadepicting an attractive woman in the foregroundwith a provocative pose, cladin a tight-fitting dress, with a very low décolletage, with her breasts in the limelight. Interestingly, the household appliances  being advertised are in the background.
As long as women will continue being used as ‘sexual objects’, it will be very difficult to get rid of patriarchy andsome of the weakest forms of masculinity expression associated with it-such as rape and violence.Such exploitation is unacceptable-45 years of Independence and we are still not free…I only wish that those who speak of values night and day especially the male-dominated socio-cultural groupscould assist in putting an end to this state of affairs.Their daughters, sisters and mothers are also at risk!


I'm a guy, I really truly try to respect women, i know there is more to them then sex, BUT its not my fault that the first thing i think of when i see a pretty girl is not "i wonder what her opinion on the economy is". I really felt bad for a long time, i thought something must be wrong with me, i was brainwashed by pop culture or something.... but no, its not wrong its just nature telling me to do what we've been doing for centuries. Women have to face the facts , yes its unfair. Like it of not you are ALL sex objects i'm sure there is so much more to each and every single one of you but being an object of sex is one of them. Hey its unfair to men too, WE ARE ENSLAVED BY DESIRE. Really its a prison, my life and the lives of most men are bound to it, its the ball and chain we drag around every day of our live, so please stop making us feel bad for it, trust me it's maddening enough.

wow, i love your comment brother thank you

@ Le rat. ALL women are exploited by such ads as they serve in some way to instill a sort of inferioty complex in the OTHER women. As you say only a certain type, size, calibre of women are being depicted...so it is a sort a discrimination. The answer is not to put all types of women on billboards now (though it will also positive effects in combating racism Eg black is beautiful etc) but rather to give woman their real dignity as humans and not as commercial objects. By the same token these ads show man as stupid (or worse as perverts as some would say: MCP) as if we decided things (e.g to buy or not) only by looking at a women's body etc. However it's quite delicate to legislate on this and there is disunity among the women themselves on this; some claiming that it's their right to use their bodies to get pecunial advantages and some claiming that's its beneath their dignity...so what can we man do on this? However in all things there are limits not to cross.

Above all, let's not forget that these slim & beautiful women get remunerated for being so called "exploited" so this negates the exploitative aspect of this business. It's just a job to put it simply! Secondly how is it that other women of different sizes or shapes are discriminated against when they do not fit the criteria of the job description ? If anybody wants to integrate the police force then he/she should fit a certain height, chest and weight criteria to be eligible to become a member of the police force. Same thing for the ads industry. Where is the discrimination if one does not meet the minimum standards ? By the way men also are portrayed in those ads & get paid for the job etc...So would you insinuate that men are also exploited or discriminated against etc ?

One way for women to escape modern slavery is to marry a man, make children and stay at home. Yes stay at home ! We should encourage our women to make politics and have acces to any kind of job and opportunities in life, but at the same time we should encourage our mothers, sisters and wives to stay at home whenever they have a family and achildren to raise. Those who wants to go and work, they can go, but those who want to stay at home and raise their family we should grant with an active assistance and a confortable revenue. For that to happen, governemment need to provide a kind of maternity salary for all woman who decide to stay at home and care for their family. This social reform will help garantee the stability of the family , and preserve the dignity and security of our women. If this is done, prostitution will be dead while we will still continue to use our woman to make ADs, because they are beautiful and attractive and not because they are sexual objects. This is a human approach and it makes sense.

Just a point here...If women are "exploited as sex objects" as such, how come those "exploited" women depicted in the ads you mentioned are only of a certain size & physical advantage? Are all women "exploited" in ads ? Don't think so...to speak the truth only the beautiful and slim are on those ads...So how can you say that women are exploited ? It seems to me that only those who are beautiful and slim are depicted on billboards. There are all shapes and sizes of women. Hence not ALL women are targeted here and womamanhood as such is not being "exploited" technically !