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27 novembre, 2015 - 15:05

Si les mots ne nous permettent pas d’accéder au sens de la vie, comment se fait-il qu’ils nous atteignent si profondément ? Telle est la question qui résumerait l’intentionnalité littéraire que nous a laissée en héritage le poète et écrivain Vinod Rughoonundun dans sa dernière nouvelle « Mari top ! » ‑ publiée à titre posthume dans la Collection Maurice 2015, Adventurous Holidays, Vacances Extraordinaires, Konze San Repo, lancée par son Excellence, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Présidente de la République de Maurice.

27 novembre, 2015 - 15:00

Is there hope for Saheena? This is the story of Saheena, a 22 year-old handicapped young lady who suffers from a very rare bone disease (Congenital Pseudarthrosis) which exists in 1 in 250,000 live births. In the majority of cases, the end result is amputation of the leg. She suffers from this disease since she was 2 years old. Today, Saheena Mudhawo is disabled and unable to walk normally due to this bone disease which has permanently crippled her for life. Her ordeal is not over yet as she may have to go to France for further surgery at any time, if her medical condition deteriorates.

26 novembre, 2015 - 15:05

If the concept of good governance centres on the responsibility of government and governing bodies to meet the needs of the masses as opposed to the needs of select groups of society, then the Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Bill is a step in the right direction.  This Bill when duly enacted, with certain laudable amendments, will seek to achieve one of the objectives of the government of SAJ, as declared in its Electoral Manifesto of December 20

26 novembre, 2015 - 15:20

On n’a pas toujours tiré les enseignements nécessaires de certaines initiatives du système public d’enseignement dont les résultats sont assez révélateurs. Prenons, par exemple, l’examen de reprise du CPE communément appelé « resit » qui fut instauré en 2013. Il s’agissait de rectifier, autant que faire se peut, les aléas d’un examen qui ne tient pas compte des accidents de parcours individuels des candidats à qui il ne manque qu’un seul « pass » dans une matière pour se voir octroyer leur certificat de CPE et ainsi accéder au niveau secondaire.

26 novembre, 2015 - 15:00

A promise not honoured invariably causes anything from wrath to utter disappointment.
Such is today the dominant feeling across the entire Tamil Community following the official announcement that ‘Tamize Puttaandu’ (Varusha Pirappu) will not be a Public Holiday in 2016, the more so that, for one, l’Union Tamoule de Maurice had already expressed its heartfelt thanks to the present Government it having been taken for granted this long-standing request was ‘already in the bag’, as it were, until some, not mandated to speak in the name of the Community and indulge in a matter not rightly theirs, ‘threw a spanner in the works’.

25 novembre, 2015 - 15:30

Urdu is a mixture of different languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian, Turkish and Arabic. It is the melodious sweetness of ghazals that has an inveterate appeal to the lovers of this language.  It embodies the philosophy of Muhammad Iqbal; sublime ghazal of Mirza Ghalib, Mir and Faiz Ahmad Faiz; mystic verses of Mir Anis and Ameer Khusro; impressive novels and short stories of Premchand, Ratan Nath Sarshar, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Aasia Mirza, Ushna Kausar, Riffat Naheed Sajjad among others.

25 novembre, 2015 - 16:00

In his article entitled “We need hundreds of Currimjee Jeewanjee" published in Le Mauricien of 5 November 2015, Mr Tahir Pirbhay writes that “Those who are in the hotel industry can testify that a hotel is not a one-generation business, rather an on-going business creating hundreds of secured direct jobs and lots of opportunities for indirect jobs.” Unfortunately, Mr Pirbhay omits to mention the irreversible environmental degradation caused by extensive construction on beaches.

25 novembre, 2015 - 15:00

Le Gouvernement d’Anerood Jugnauth a, le 20 novembre 2015, reconnu la République Arabe Sahraouie Démocratique (un territoire sous contrôle du Maroc) en faisant un revirement par rapport à la position de l’ancien Gouvernement de Navin Ramgoolam.

24 novembre, 2015 - 18:00

When the windhover from my old home
hovers over my new home horizon
my summer is forever-
so it would seem.

24 novembre, 2015 - 18:05

Voilà deux mois que les habitants de Beaux-Songes vivent dans la peur de se faire dépouiller, voire agresser. Pas moins de cinq cas de vol ont été rapportés à la police durant les deux derniers mois.

24 novembre, 2015 - 18:22

The proposed introduction of the Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Bill by government has been hotly debated ever since the Bill has gone through its first reading. This in itself befits our democratic system and the Government needs to uphold this same spirit in keeping an open mind and accepting reasonable amendments which are being suggested from different quarters. After having given due consideration to all the aspects of the proposed law, Platform M would like to comment as follows.

23 novembre, 2015 - 15:00

Tout le monde en parle et c’est bien ! Le moment ne peut être mieux choisi pour penser à une grande réforme du système scolaire mauricien afin de le débarrasser de toutes les aspérités qui blessent les pédagogues et saignent les parents.

22 novembre, 2015 - 18:21

Cette missive, tu la liras un peu plus tôt. Sachant bien que, là-bas, où tu te trouves depuis une petite semaine déjà, les messages, mieux encore pour ceux qui viennent du coeur, arrivent toujours à destination…

20 novembre, 2015 - 18:25

We constantly hear of  political scandals, politicians associated with big business, cover-ups, partisanship, corruption and general public apathy and lack of trust on political decision-makers. In short, politics is a sorry state of affairs. More of the same. Promises made become promises forgotten. We have all seen this. That is, until we see a political leader who appears on the horizon to restore faith and get down to business.

20 novembre, 2015 - 18:15

Vous avez remarqué ces filets blancs aux mailles serrées sur les arbres de litchis et de mangues? Les marchands de fruits qui les posent chez les particuliers disent qu’ils sont préférables aux filets noirs car ces derniers « abîment les fruits ». Ai-je tort de penser que les marchands préfèrent les blancs aux noirs parce qu’en fait ils protègent les fruits de la prédation des oiseaux également ?

20 novembre, 2015 - 23:53

The “higher education hub for Africa” – As demand for quality higher education in Africa rises, the term has been thrown around, looking for takers across the continent. And the island of Mauritius is, for many, the front-runner. Mauritius has consistently been working to position itself as such a “hub”: a crossroads for tertiary education, attracting both high-quality international academic institutions and top-tier students from all over the world. Education is already a top Government priority in Mauritius, and the island ranks first in  HYPERLINK "" UNESCO’s list of African countries for tertiary education enrolment. Add to that its geographical location just a few miles off the east coast of Madagascar, and the island’s cultural and historical ties to Asia and Europe, and Mauritius seems the obvious choice to play host to a new brand of global, affordable, world-class higher education for the continent.

20 novembre, 2015 - 23:54

    Four weeks ago, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime through the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP for the initiated), thanks to the U.S State Department. I got to travel around 5 of the 50 states of the United States, namely Washington DC, Seattle, Washington; Akron, Ohio; Houston, Texas and Finally New York. It provided an opportunity to meet with a spectrum of people, not only in the U.S but also from around the world. I am still in the process of sifting through the whole range of information that I have obtained during the many meetings that I have had with various components of the American civic society. In the course of a couple of papers, I will share my experience of the different projects that I have encountered. Some have stood out either by the genius of their sheer simplicity and others by their “wow” factor. For now though, I invite you to share my overall personal experience.

20 novembre, 2015 - 18:05

The business of war has never been as profitable as in recent years. To obliterate the role of war mongers in the current state of the world is easy but if you want to be impartial, honest and objective, you simply cannot take them out of the equation.

20 novembre, 2015 - 19:00

Tout commence par cette nuit d'horreur,
Ce vendredi des gens sèment la terreur.
Cette ville vibre violemment comme vibrent nos cœurs
Froids et apeurés par la frayeur.

20 novembre, 2015 - 23:52

La société civile souffrira de l’état d’urgence en France. On est unanime à condamner les attaques du vendredi 13 novembre. Rien ne pourra les justifier. Mais il ne faut pas que la mission de la société civile à la COP21 en soit aussi une victime.

20 novembre, 2015 - 18:00

The election results in the first “democratic” elections in Myanmar since more than 50 years came as no surprise.  The National League for Democracy, led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, was clearly heading towards a landslide victory. But the Lady has warned the international community not to be overly optimistic and to keep a close eye on Myanmar’s evolution, especially after the elections.  Myanmar has chosen 75% of its representatives through the will of the people, but Myanmar can still not choose its President.

20 novembre, 2015 - 18:30

After years of studies of Jazz music in Denmark, José Thérèse came back to Mauritius in 1994. At that time, he made a lot of “va-et-vient” between Roche-Bois and Port-Louis, regularly visiting the same local shops selling musical instruments and accessories.

19 novembre, 2015 - 15:10

That silence has fallen on Paris night
Hurt itself as it hit the ground
Grazed its knee and barked in raw pain
And screams now hysterically
that it has nothing left to say -

19 novembre, 2015 - 16:00

Si dans le cas de Charlie Hebdo, les frères Kouachi s’attaquaient à un symbole de la « liberté de caricaturer de tout », ici, le terrorisme s’attaquait aux gens dans la rue, à la terrasse des cafés, dans une salle de concert.