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Sharm El Sheik (COP 27)

It has again been a gathering

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of the great and the good,

of movers and shakers

of this world, of movers

yet not shakers, the burning

issues of the times to focus

upon with laser intensity,

to alight on even better solutions

confronted by doomsday scenarios;

hearts and minds once more

moved, alarm bells sounded

even louder for the converted

and the not yet converted,

a battle on many fronts,

a dilemma of keeping going

in desperate hope, optimism

triumphing even for the short term

over the juddering slamming

of the brakes on progress

as known and cherished for long;

it has been a chastening

and sobering moment, in a place

known for disportments.


©Jeewan Ramlugun 


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