Wintry Nostalgia Nailed

(Inspired by Shania Twain’s song , You’re Still the One)

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Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Amidst my green tea and coffee fumes
and some wine for you
Shania dives the lyrics
You’re Still the One
cherry-smiles on my lips
Why ?
I don’t know

There is no Present
No Future
It’s the past locked song for us
Yet on this chilling evening
of tropical trickiness
it anchors its Pride
I don’t know

You brought love
to the physical plane, all fickle
Well, we all did in our youth
Some keep the repetitive wheel churning
through salt-peppery and greyish
to look trendy-freaky
They say “there’s no other way!”
Why ?
I don’t know

The song insists its charms
That’s the power of wintry dry-glow
I let it be as it is
I don’t know

Sometimes we just rewind to go
with the flow of a dream died too young
I don’t know

I let the song exteriorize its own truth
Calm canvas warms your shapes
Winter is the winner

Why ?
I don’t know

The chilled island breeze surely knows.



Vatsala Radhakeesoon has been writing poems for 30 years and she is the author of numerous poetry books. She is also an abstract artist and likes to experiment various possibilities that bless Art.
Vatsala is a literary translator.

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