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The Ship of Inspirational Change

The tunes of harmony played on in the skies

- Publicité -

While we humans, torn and worn

By the shadows which keep pricking our souls

Refuse to open our ears to melt upon their beats!

The tunes were left unheard

At least, until we all saw,

Coming from the seas,

The Ship of Inspirational Change!

Sparkling and glittering with the reflection

Of the bluish skies,

It promised a haven to those who would

Be deemed worthy of its purity!

And only those bearing upon their hearts,

The ability to be satisfied with their dues

As they have been written for them

By those powers so subtle and so powerful

That the limits of their vision would not

Allow them to perceive of its grandeur

Would be called onboard

Upon a journey of mystical discovery

Which involves not the whims of Ego,

Of Jealousy, of Hatred, of Anger, of Lust and Sin,

Of the ailments of the physical body

And even those of Self Pity!

Wanting to escape from this prison

With invisible doors and locks,

We all turned inwards, eyes closed,

Breathing in the air droplets of the new dawn

As it lays there for us

And prayed to whoever would want to hear us

That we seek to be of good use to this Earth

While we would be living upon her soils

And that we would put our hands into her service

As benevolently as we would be able to,

For, if we would care to wait for a price tag,

Then, we would be headed towards a dead end!

And we thus opened our eyes,

With a smile twinkling in their depths,

And held out our hands in an ecstatic embrace

To all brothers and sisters

Promising them that we shall care for their well being

For as long as we would be able to

For the ship of inspirational change would be waiting for us


Would call out our names,

At the right time!

- Publicité -

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