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Des voyageurs, habitués de la route Baie-du-Cap/Quatre-Bornes, s’inquiètent de la désinvolture de certains chauffeurs d’autobus. « All drivers are using mobiles while driving, making lengthy phones calls, texting and speeding. The bus owners are tolerating these malpractices », soutiennent-ils.

« Everyday there is a real race among the companies. We still need to use the same old and rusty buses full of crockroaches. During rainy days the buses are leaking, the windows are rusted, unable to close or they are smashed into pieces. In some buses we frequently breathe the heavy smoke coming from the driver engine and his filthy cigarette smoke. The drivers with his loud blatant music from Chamarel can barely keep his eyes open on the road. Despite several threats from passengers — mostly women who dare confront these drivers — nothing has changed up to now. The drivers still continue with their dangerous driving putting many lives at stake. Many times tourist who are unaware of the bus fare have to pay up to Rs 10 more per adult », soutiennent ces passagers en colère.

« On investigation, if we are not mistaken, the bus fare from Cascavelle to Casela is Rs 12 per adult but some are paying Rs 16 or Rs 18. The drivers and the receivers of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) are not so saints either. Although there is a hotline for complaints, no action are taken to remedy the situation The point system was such a good deterrent to speeding and phoning while driving ».

Par ailleurs, si les employés du transport en commun se disent satisfaits de la réintroduction de la police du transport, que se passe-t-il lorsque ces mêmes employés se permettent de diffuser de la musique à fond la caisse ou de fumer pendant le trajet, s’interrogent encore ces voyageurs.

« La police du transport a déjà établi un programme pour non seulement assurer la sécurité des receveurs et des conducteurs d’autobus, mais également surveiller le comportement de certains employés dans l’industrie du transport », répond à ce sujet un responsable de la cellule de communication de la force policière.