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Dans un communiqué, l’association explique que, depuis le 19 mars, « the situation is beyond our control ». Et de souligner : « The disruption to supply chain for vehicles and parts shipment has been very severe with vehicles and parts being blocked at shipment ports. There will be a long delay before the consignments reach Mauritius. This will depend on consignment origins and lockdown situation in the respective countries. » Par ailleurs, les usines dans le monde fabriquant des voitures et des pièces ont cessé leurs opérations, surtout en Europe. « All forecasted sales will be reviewed by vehicle manufacturers and it is expected that they will prioritize production towards markets with urgencies and where there will be significant volumes. »

La MVDA dit que cette situation affectera Maurice sur le long terme concernant les véhicules et pièces de rechange. Par ailleurs, après le confinement, les concessionnaires à Maurice redémarreront leurs opérations « on low capacity » et : « Showrooms and workshops will be opened and screening of customers and workers will be done on a regular basis for sanitary and health measures. Customers will experience delays for vehicle deliveries, service appointments, accident repairs and parts sales over the counter. »