We came home late last night (Sunday) to not only find the electricity supply cut off but more importantly, we realized that we were the only house affected. On ringing the CEB Hotline at almost midnight, they confirmed that no one else in our area had reported a fault so it must be an isolated incident and therefore, could not be classified as an emergency, which was fair enough.
We were told that a crew would come out in the morning to solve our problem so we went to bed in peace knowing that CEB had been notified and that hopefully sometime the next day, we would get our electricity supply back, not at all expecting it to be done in the morning but at least sometime during the day.
At about 2am, we heard the phone ringing and lo and behold, it was CEB asking to confirm our location as they were going to send a crew out to solve our problem. And then, Abracadabra, electricity was restored soon after….so this time, customer experience in Dodoland was definitely a case of c’est un plaisir!
We just hope it wasn’t an isolated incident – thank you again CEB!