Ce bâtiment est non seulement construit dans le lit de cette rivière à Pailles (zone inondée le 30 mars 2013), mais il y déverse aussi ses eaux usées comme on peut le voir sur la photo. Qui a délivré le permis de construction pour ce bâtiment ? Avis à la municipalité de Port-Louis et à la Police de l’Environnement.
Ainsi va en substance la section 26(1) du  “Rivers and Canals Act 1863”
Control of activities near rivers
No dwelling house, kitchen, slaughter house,… shall be erected within 100 feet of any river or stream, unless the Permanent Secretary or the Sanitary Authority certifies in writing that the water of the river or stream, is not liable to be defiled by any matter or
water issuing from such erection or building.
(87-1)Throwing of dirty waters in rivers
Subject to subsection (1), any person who throws, or causes to be thrown, or sends or allows to flow into a river or into a canal, pipe or other conduit discharging into a river or canal, any scum, residue, refuse, washing or other dirty waters or other liquid that may be tend to pollute the water of such river or canal shall commit an offence…