Once again we seem to have avoided catastrophe on our tiny, far-away island. As a population we have the unique medical condition named, MBSA, Mauritius Bigots Selective Amnesia.  A syndrome that ruins us all, please believe me folks. 

Education failed us.

We mass produce examination FAILURE! Unlike horse racing here, doping donkeys will not make scholars. Yet, private tuition, third grade post graduates flood a failed system. Hope allows fodder to believe! IQ has no race, caste, religion or sexuality. Thus the business of free education!

Emotional Intelligence, EI, is learnt. Watch some of those morons elected! Some IQ may be, EI none! Who taught them, when, why, and how? Simple it does not exist HERE.

As usual, I annoy you! Yet how can ignorants teach the common mortal as us? They know not themselves.

I upset my own genetics being me, thus upsetting a mindful nation would be a bonus! I miss that one. We are not mindful. Every 5 years as usual the co dependent duplicity of voters and power flames up. A genetic, hybrid, CONSCIOUS disgrace to integrated respect of all.

A sad place to be if you know no different! We are primitive.

L= I know lesbians, beautiful ladies

G=I have many gay friends

B= I have known SGD

T= Medically understood.

Why should any religion judge?

Human rights are everything.

Imagine Kaya died and emotion led to chaos. Ok under that prat. Still, the amber instilled is our cancer. We owe our dignity to self, else watch the apocalypse of this far away tiny island. Corruption is bad even to fodders!

May God help us !