I dream of a modern, cohesive, inclusive, more just, green and hybrid Mauritius where there is a cross fertilisation of ideas and exchanges at all levels across generations and communities, where there is a culture of debate and the citizenry is given the space to appreciate and work towards emancipatory politics.  I dream of a Mauritius where there is a greater sense of ethics, less hypocrisy, less greed, less waste and where meritocracy truly prevails, where people stop thinking that they are ‘indispensable’ and that the country will sink if they are not there. If you are a true democrat, you should be ready and willing to go instead of wanting to cling on forever. Electoral reform should certainly address the 2 major democratic deficits of our society – the underrepresentation of women in politics and the winner takes it all syndrome which can leave us with a very weak or no opposition at all. A dose of PR is therefore necessary, moreover PR systems have proven to be more gender friendly but I remain convinced that we should adopt quotas at least for a temporary period so that the history of disadvantage faced by women can be addressed.