Le service de presse du ministère des Finances a fait parvenir à la rédaction du Mauricien une précision au sujet de l’article faisant état d’allégations d’intimidation portées contre le secrétaire financier, Ali Mansoor, dans le cadre d’un litige porté devant le Commission Service du ministère de la Fonction publique et des Réformes administratives. Le ministère des Finances avance qu’il n’a pas été informé de ce problème par les parties concernées. Ci-dessous, l’intégralité de la correspondance du service de presse du ministère des Finances.
« Further to the article in Le Mauricien of 28th February, 2013 entitled “Allegations d’intimidation contre le FS Ali Mansoor” we would be grateful if you would kindly publish the following “mise au point”.
2. We are surprised by the allegations made because we have not been informed by any instance including the Conciliation Service of any concern that it may have. It would appear that due process has not been followed. Had it been the case, it would have enabled an understanding of the views of all stakeholders.
3. We have informed the Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service about this apparent lack of adherence to due process but it is also possible that misrepresentations may have been made.
4. We would like to point out that like any other Government Department, we are bound to abide by the rules and regulations in force in the civil service.
5. On the substance of the issues raised, we are keen to deal with these in the proper forum and have kindly requested a meeting to understand the issues and concerns of the Conciliation Service and to discuss the best way to resolve the issues.
6. We would have thought that you would have consulted us prior to giving vent to allegations and presenting a one-sided view on this internal issue.