Do you know the cult of the ‘ME ME ME’? No? It is a cult where deification of a historical human artifact is practised in a most orthodox and contradictory fashion.  The head is none other than a formidable Grand Master whose years of self-adulation have turned his trademark moustache white with bitterness, frustration and envy. The cult members are forced to bow down to him every time and those whose eyes, ears and minds have been opened are promptly given the boot.  For you see, if you have the nerve to dare have an opinion, out you go, amid a barrage of flowery language in our dear Kreol language: ‘La honte lor zot!’
But for now, quiet! The most honourable Grand Master has spoken once again.  Freedom of speech is of course free but his ongoing tirades, week after week, are fast becoming incredibly exhausting, dull as dishwater and most people’s patience is certainly wearing thin.  
As humans, we are not perfect.  Each and every single one of us has some flaws which must be overcome with the passage of time which is the giver of lessons.  However, in Mauritius, we do have some pretty tough nuts to crack.  In fact, some are pretty impossible to crack.  Over-inflated egos keep hovering everywhere and the cult of the ‘ME ME ME’ has garnered so much momentum at some point in history that its crumbled remnants are still blinding its disillusioned once-upon-a-time Grand Master!
This august Grand Master is the absolute self-proclaimed deity of the fast-disappearing cult.  By constantly putting his foot in his mouth and lashing streams of vitriol at those who refuse to kowtow to him, he is hell-bent on making a spectacle of himself.  Careful Les Komikos! You are getting fierce competition! His antics are the talk of the town, press, social media, reeking of desperation.  No longer content with allocating demeaning nicknames to his opponents, warming up a comfy seat at the National Assembly while absconding from his constitutional duties by sneakily trying to get into an unholy relationship with another prince of the lands, he has been neglecting his followers.  Of course, the heavens above cursed his arrogance and sent him to the sugarcane fields to repent at leisure but no!
The Grand Master of the ‘Me Me Me’ should never be faulted. This is sacrilegious. Rather, those followers who are trying to clear the chaos are guilty of blasphemy of the highest order and aspects of their personal lives are spread out in public, in an attempt to quash any rebellious wagging tongues.  According to the local press, the formidable Grand Master has been complaining that some of his former followers are guilty of the crime of holding part-time jobs as masons, which is way beneath him and totally worthy of contempt.  These manual workers have been tagged as ‘bezer’ (spiteful) and scheming little brats. Manual jobs within the illustrious ranks of the ‘Me Me Me’ cult? What cheek! How dare they? Off with their heads!
So, this is sad reality of a terrible case of self-destruction of a self-adulated notorious cult leader, whose followers are slowly but surely deserting his crumbling temple, taking along their tools.  With the masons gone, who will help him restore the temple to its former glory?