More and more I find myself wanting to impose reading into my work, and that through the use of pigment upon skin. Each subject is aware of his role, and the act of applying color to one’s skin only shows a fundamental desire for change, for things to be otherwise, for a little bit of transgression from the norm.
Maybe in a utopian world, many years from now, the human race will have properly mixed up so that there is a single unifying color amongst us, enabling blurring of boundaries and greater social cohesion through less visual differences… however that would be utopia.
In the meantime we have to deal with a sort of color decadence, as contemporary thoughts upon or against racial differences and its implications in society are fairly new concepts when we look at man’s evolutive My work is just a continuation into a way of looking at life and the world that is around me. As a painter I deal with colors, and what started as a social/anthropological investigation into people I met from different countries is today going at a tangent with the idea of color or skin color, and our reading into it ?a type of social conditioning with which we all grow up, and which we all take as reference when set against oneself.