Do you believe that love can be genuine

Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Do you believe that it can be everlasting
Why, do you even believe in it?

Or do you see it as something fake
Something meant to douse our bodily hunger
Something so humanly natural
That it should not be bothered about?

Rather, it should be taken as it is
Meant to be played along at will
Soaring high when its flame burns with might
And hiding in between shadows when it does not!

Why, for me, love remains my savior
Love, so pure, transgressing the borders of existence
Love, eternal and true
Occurring at each cycle with the same soulmate
Love, the ladder which shall help me
Reach there where I am meant to be
There, from where I fell,
There, where stars birth
And suns die
There, where fairies are created
And humans, given their fate lines
There, where rain water can sing
And clouds can make the clowns to make us all laugh!

Why, love is what I am imbibed of
Love, being the key to the gates of heaven
Love, being the oars which I shall grip
In that sea of havoc which is Earth!

Pray, do believe in love,
Know that you do fall in love for a purpose
Somewhere, somehow, the highest subtle powers
Decided that it should be so!

And indulge heartily upon it
Chew upon it
As if it were a piece of fragranced bubble gum
And you, an ecstatic child, exalted at its mere sight!
Dance upon it
As if it were the favorite pop song of your youth
Sleep upon it
As if it were your comfy bed
Hug it
As if it were your most beloved pet
Pray, do love
As we do be
Because we do love!