To be hurled or whispered obscenities, to be grabbed, squeezed, deliberately bumped into or leant against, to feel a creepy hand stealthily running up and down your thighs, or an elbow ploughing into your bust while the person seated next to you is opening up the newspapers wide…. all these are but a few examples of perverts hard at work, on a daily basis. Lest I forget, let us remember these exhibitionists, who are unable to bear the Mauritian heat and have to unzip their pants to dangle the jewels of the crown for the female and male species to ogle, NOT ! Indeed, although a lesser-acknowledged fact, males are also victims of perverts.
It is highly inconveniencing, embarrassing, humiliating, demeaning and traumatizing when one is a victim of such acts. It could happen to anybody, anywhere. However, many keep quiet and bear everything, especially young girls and boys, who feel a surge of guilt and shame, although they are completely innocent. Anyway, here are a few simple ways in which you can deal with these perverts. These simple steps could be applied by children, teenagers and adults likewise. No-one is 100% safe but together, as we steel up our determination, we could bring that vermin species of perverts hiding back into their filthy holes !
In a public place, your most powerful weapon is your voice, especially if no law-enforcing officer is around to witness the scene and help you out of your misery. If the person is trying to get too close for comfort, you could always politely try telling him/her to move away. But if things get out of hand, hesitate no longer. So, go ahead and SHOUT ! Scream, vibrate these tonsils and put these senseless idiots to shame. In other words, draw attention and fast ! They will no doubt stop in mid-action and make a dash for dear life, as we all know how an angry mob could give them a rough time. Now, if the irritation level is high, do not hesitate to elbow back, punch and kick. These moves work wonders and definitely take these criminals by surprise. I bet that the bruises will be a pleasurable memento for them ! Now, if you can get your hands on a few stones, even better ! Just pelt them till they feel they have no escape and will beg for mercy. Accessories such as umbrellas, bags and shoes can also come in handy. The more it hurts, the better it is, so that the lesson is ingrained for life and you show that you mean business. Your body is your temple and you should defend its sanctity, whatever it takes. It is certainly no fault of yours if you go through those unpleasant experiences but rather the twisted mindset of those evil individuals, who have little or no notion of decency and mutual respect. So, let us break down that false wall of shame and guilt and bring these perverts down, for a better existence for all !