Imagine being locked in a store at night. Imagine having to spend the whole night in that store one whole night. Now imagine that it is a bookstore. This is no teaser for the plot of a novel or short story; this is something that actually happened. On the 16th of October an American tourist got locked in one of the famous Waterstones bookshop. Having tweeted that he is locked in the store, he managed to get out more than two hours later. What could have been a major bad publicity for the bookstore was turned into an event. Inspired by their customer’s misadventure, Waterstones are allowing 10 customers plus partners to spend a whole night in their flagship store in London.
    Anyone who’s ever been to a Waterstones bookshop would agree that it is bookworm heaven. Being locked in for the whole night there, with books all round would not be the worst thing to happen. Being surrounded with books might be overwhelming at first, having to choose amongst all those books, one night does not seem enough. Had I been stuck in Waterstones for a whole night, I would have gone for the following: