A good actor in the cinephile’s view is one who can portray a wide range of characters with such versatility that each character can stand on its own. Robin Williams was such an actor. A phone notification and endless posts on my Facebook newsfeed later still do not dilute the shock of reading about the death of the incredibly talented actor that he was. The actor has given cinephiles many reasons to find the magic that only movies can provide.
    He made imaginations run wild in his portrayal of Alan Parrish who gets stuck in a mysterious game called Jumanji; made magic come alive as the boy who does not want to grow up, Peter Pan; made us see elderly women in wholly different light as Mrs. Doubtfire. Through his portrayal of the unconventional John Keating in Dead Poets’ Society, Walt Whitman’s poem came alive and as the therapist Dr. Sean Maguire, who helps a tormented young genius in Good Will Hunting, he earned the coveted Oscar.
    The actor had a rich career, but the man was tormented. His magic remains forever in reels. May he now be at peace.