ALL CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE PROVIDED WITH A PROPER EDUCATION AND THAT INCLUDES PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Should Special Education Needs (SEN) children be in a specialist or mainstream environment ?
“My child has a disability. Can he/she go to the same school as other children ? Or does he/she need a specialised school ? How to choose where to send my child ? Will he/she adapt to the new environment ? Will he/she be accepted ?”
Often, these are the upsetting thoughts that torment the minds of the parents of children with disabilities. The report of the Warnock Committee in 1978 in the United Kingdom which resulted in principles behind the Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy is a good guide for parents, establishments, advocates as well as policy makers. Adapting recommendations locally in simplified form ; these are some of the simple tips that will help you in choosing the appropriate school for your child :