Repeatedly it is claimed we have a westminsterian political and establishment system.  This is false and facts must be set right.  We have a pseudo westminsterian establishment since the 1982 MMM/PSM government.  The model has been vulgarized to suit politics, all parties in the accused box since.

In the UK, politicians i.e members of Parliament, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Speakers and Civil Servants perform in a proven political arena.  This milieu has high ethical standards.  It is embodied, embalmed in a moral wrapped shroud. Each has a role, knows one’s parameters of practice, and foremost duly respect institutions and The Crown, whether one has fundamental personal differences or not.

I wonder what percentage of our population knows the true post-independence political facts?  The answer is obvious.

I wonder if our politics is mirror image of the westminsterian model as described above?  The answer is again obvious. I shall develop my analysis by dealing with all stakeholders governing us separately and concluding with my opinion of where Mauritius’ politics went astray.


MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT:  The British created and left a ‘divide and rule’ electoral system.  In the UK, members are chosen as candidates by the local committees and the elected member has no race, colour or creed.  Here the system is top to bottom.  Political leaders decide on candidates.  Immediately, the candidate swears allegiance to the leader, not to party values. The process decays straightaway. Members of parliament are elected by mathematical ethno-communal tick boxes rather than on competency or on merit.  Thus being aware of the pathway to parliament they have no choice but to get deeper morally corrupted to survive next time.


MINISTERS:  The cabinet reflects everything human right values deplore.  Sik Yuen’s election, Alain Wong’s appointment are so glaring as to be unavoidable to state.  Those ministers, men and women, are there for only two reasons: ethno-communalism firstly, the leader maximo thereafter.


PRIME MINISTER: Obama became president.  Here VAISH my friends!!  Paul Bérenger’s two-year Prime Ministership cost one of the best performing governments an electoral defeat in 2005 by a group of ‘ramassis’.  The Hindu belt never believed SAJ would keep his electoral promise!  Bérenger has been in oblivion since.


SPEAKER:  In the UK, the speaker is an elected member of parliament. Once duly elected speaker by all parliamentarians, he/she becomes above party politics. Betty Boothroyd, a labourite, served under both John Major and Tony Blair. Furthermore, the speaker stands to be reelected in every general election. The tradition remains, no candidate is fielded against the speaker.

Here, what a difference! The MSM under SAJ changed the level playing field. We have had the greatest, Sir H.Vaghjee. God, we have had some memorable partisan ones too! Our current lady must understand that a partisan speaker mocks the westminsterian model.


CIVIL SERVICE:  ‘Servants of the state’, Not Servants of politicians!  ‘Carers of establishment’, not servants of ministers!  Our civil service is shambolic and cannot even sniff what westminsterian means. 1982 destroyed establishment. Nothing personal, a fact. I am eternally grateful to SGD who understood the ‘coup d’état’.  Hervé, ‘Vévé’, became a senior Minister under SAJ, one of his butchers!  His brother rehabilitated him.


Today civil servants serve their political masters. We have Chief Executives above the permanent secretary. What is this nonsense!

Also we have super star civil servants!!!  Governments come and go, two always remain!  Our own Brigitte Bardot and Demi Moore!


PRESIDENT:  In 1990 SAJ was planning the winning MMM/MSM alliance. His special advisor Paul Bérenger, unelected in 1987, on NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT (!!!) was the proposed FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MAURITIUS.  I was with Sir Satcam Boolell that late night. Thanks to V.Lutchmeenaraidoo and Dr Ramjuttun that parliament folly stopped dead. SSB was sacked that very night, early morning. Raj Veerasawmy’s day of political glory was over!

I am against the notion of a President.  As described the baby was not thought with a NATION at heart but a winning political formula! All presidents are political nominees, even SAJ was. He is the only president through events to navigate with a hostile P.M.  The latter has paid a very heavy price for his undue humiliation of a founder father of young MAURITIUS. SSR is not so omnipotent as politics wish me to swallow.

The last president confirms my opposition to a Republic.  I am ashamed of the worldwide republican disgrace this ‘madame’ caused to MAURITIUS.  Another political nominee!

Since we have a Republic, let voters choose OUR PRESIDENT. OUR ELECTED, RESPECTED ‘CROWN’.

To conclude, SSR was no saint politically. He was an un-democratic visionary, and I respect him greatly. SGD was a national visionary who sacrificed his party for MAURITIUS.  Bissoondoyal brothers were Hindu leaders with secular beliefs, yet no national ambition.  Paul Bérenger missed his destiny in 1982.  He would have been Prime Minister. SAJ is ‘the good, the bad, the ugly’ in one soul.  He has done miracles for some, not for all.

Xavier and Navin are names of fathers.  Pravind has the opportunity to break the mould and I believe he must.  Else, ‘I order you out’.