It is important that we set the general context: this is a country in which Ambani constructs a house worth $ 1.8 billion dollars and this same high flung ‘heavenly abode’ gives a beautiful view of the decrepid Mumbai slums. This is a country where 47% live below poverty line and education is not a right but a very expensive privilege given to a few lucky ones. This is a country where there are more temples with expensive ornamented idols than toilets, and a place where religion is now a billion dollar glitzy media business, with many Gurus, many so-called salvation pathways, so many more millions of gods (we already have 1 million gods so far). And let us not talk about corruption and its many tentacles (financial and mental). To this extent, the great Amir Khan recently flatly apologized on TV to his millions of admirers. “I am sorry many films I have made were denigrating to women, they did not promote any positive values whatsover’.