1e course : Jack Flash, Appeal Board, Mobschief, The Money Is Yours, Addition, Casey de Roche, Cactus Wolf, Dupont Circle, Young Royal
2e course : Glory Boy, Point Of Policy, Wing Man
3e course : Hills Of Rome, Maestro’s Salute, Make My Grey, Double Dash, Mighty Fine, Winged Captain, Destiny’s Tale, Made Of Money, Dreams Come True, Bongo Beat, Pole Of Cold
4e course : Prince Of Wings, Leisure Jet, Lividus, The Last Samurai
5e course : Acapella, Marine Sky, Catch The Gers, Maestro’s Salute
6e course : Beacon Flare, Shanghai Kid, Posse Comitatus, Donnie Brasco
7e course : Prince Alwahtan, Don’t Say Don’t, Baron Blixen
8e course : Darcy’s Arcy, Vardashian, Divine Crusader, Iwayini, In The Frame, Dee Major, Laser Bolt, Starspangledbanner, Carson City