All of us, no doubt, must have gone through tough ordeals in life at one time or another. Some may have overcome whilst others failed in the process.
But all trials and tribulations we undergo have inherent element of failure or success. Failures abound exceedingly. But think over… Are not failures stepping stones to success ; success is obviously the outcome of deliberate hardwork in every endeavour. Sometimes success is a matter of luck but for the few only.
We learn from our past failures that render us mature which add a dimension to our character development. But most of the time, failures evidently lead us to regrets at leisure ! Our wrong step unjudiciously cause us to stumble ! We must instantly realise that bitter experiences are blessings in disguise because although they give way to regrets, they should not dampen our spirits and initiative. In above circumstances, how then to rise above adversity ?
Positive framework
Dear folks, regrets only hinder our progress and consume our time fruitlessly. It shapes our negative mindset so that we brood over our shortcomings. But in fact, let us handle the problem realistically. Spotting the right problem is half the solution. With failures, regrets and dissappointments whither shall we head on ? The path ahead will be punctuated with bumps, hurdles, thus impeding the speed of our progress.
However, if we acknowledge them as reality facts in a positive framework, we will certainly see the sunshine of our opportunities and consequently will keep all harsh realities at bay. This is because failures and regrets teach us to be wiser, practical and more realistic.
Therefore, regrets in whatever form, in whatever condition, can be converted into opportunities and here lies our salvation and solace. Indeed we are solely responsible for our success which can be achieved with help of our regrets that become the basis of our wise and positive thinking and realisation.
The following examples will elucidate the winning spirits against adverse situations. So many disabled persons – deaf, blind, lame etc are victims of circumstances in the world, but, they have proved their worth by excelling in their respective fields. Like Milton was blind, yet be produced his masterpiece epic, Paradise lost, acclaimed eternally. Beethoven the maestro, was deaf yet he composed his epic music as a glaring testimony of his potential and talent. As he was totally deaf, he could not hear the melodies he composed. He ultimately seized fate by the throat. So change your thinking into proper channel. To rectify the distortions which regrets and fear create, the latter should serve as torchlight to guide us intelligently out of the humdrum. Think right and you will find a way out. It is not what defalls you that matters but how you react to it. We know the fact that there are millions of people who have gone under steam roller of fate. But others have mastered the art of rolling with the blows. They stagger but they do not get up. Healthy thinking does not kill anyone. It is anxiety, the by product of regrets, which does that. It is not the movement that destroys the machine, it is the friction.
Why do depressing and anxious thoughts come back again and again ? The reason is that we have locked them into our minds. We also do not purge our memory of the unsavoury experiences of the past. If we suffer from this syndrome, shed the notion that you are victim of circumstances and eventually cease blaming yourself.
Prodigious volumes of work
You are the centre of your own equilibrium. Tell yourself convincingly, “I am not the floatsam and jetsam of ideas. I am the product of my own sculpting.” Again let us take the example of Charles Darwin. He was plagued by ill health all his life. But by virtue of his power and determination he was able to produce the prodigious volumes of work. Traumatic experiences, failure at work, unsuccessful relationships, insecurities, inferiority complex tend to haunt one throughout life, sometimes assuming proportions of a devastating nature. You are in a foul mood, haunted by a vague feeling of impending doom. Such thing happens to all of us. Only situations differ and so does the intensity of reaction. It is natural that when calamity strikes, we react emotionally and give way to self pity. Certainly this brings haunting fears which pervade thoughts and actions. It poisons the well springs of present joy and future happiness. It is a destructive emotion and it parches your outlook, paralyses your capabilities, put off your accomplishments, prohibits excellence and prevents growth.
Dear folks, in the light of above, should we accept defeat ? It is illogical. Life is so marvellous and precious. We must strive to emerge triumphant. Let our regrets and failures be our guiding principles to challenge all odds in life. Yes, we can and we will. Instead of thinking that external factors are responsible for our regrets, let us think whether we are not part of the problem. Hence, it is imperative to dissociate ourselves from problems which are origin of our regrets and pangs. With inner conviction, will power and wise decision, let us fight the battle of life. If we do not fight the battle, what is the meaning of life?
It is NEVER too late in life to rise above. We can break the shackles that chain us to inertia. So let us smile in the face of adversity and turn regrets into opportunities so as to live a life of dignity, respect, full of ethics and principles to function as efficient members of society.
Then only we can say from the bosom of our hearts, life is so exhilarating, so rewarding, so worthy to live beautifully because we have gained self confidence to live up to our expectations and thus delete the negatives from our life.
And we must accept that misfortunes always come in by the door that has been kept open for them. We should be grateful to misfortunes as experiences because experience is valuable only when it has brought suffering and when suffering has left its mark upon both body, soul and mind. We suffer because of our own foolishness. The rest of nature is always happy through foul and fair weather.
In a nutshell, the wise quote of Byron aptly justifies the preceeding line of statements :-“when we think positively we lead, we are most led”. So let us attempt to use regrets turning them into opportunities as keys to unlock the gate of our happiness and prosperity.