We are at the dawn of the New Year.  It is a festive mood of celebrating our achievements and also specially the ideal time for each and every one of us to reflect on how we can bring some positive change in the self so as to enhance the quality of our life. We all look forward to new beginnings and naturally entertain high hopes and aspirations and we create truly the best wishes for the self and for one and all.
We are all connected. No one lives in isolation. We are affected by the state of the world at large.  So, while we take stock of our present trend of life, with the advances in Science and Technology, we find on one side, mankind has made tremendous strides in creating a fantastic world.  Yet, on the other side, it has created a hectic life style with different types of pollution especially in the densely populated cities. The worst one, rarely acknowledged, although very true, is mental pollution which is at the root cause of all upheaval and social evils, with the accompanying host of fears, stress and strain, sorrow, sufferings, confusion, conflicts and wars.  This mental pollution is caused by feeding the minds with anger, greed, attachment, lust and ego which in turn brings too many negative and unnecessary thoughts, draining our energy, creating stress and strain leading to diseases.
Let us collectively, with the advent of the New Year, bring some newness at the level of our thinking when the ambiance of festivity is of a high level energy. Let us recognise the value of the treasure of thought, which is the seed of all actions.
Let us create some time and space to relate to our inner selves. Let us have a thorough introspection and reflect on how we could all be our best friends by emerging our divine nature. We are by nature peaceful beings.  At the core of each and every one, there are imperishable treasures of infinite divine qualities such as peace, love, purity and happiness. This exercise will enable us to move closer to and connect us to the Heart of our Creator, God. It has been said: “Seek and you will find.” Let us look inside and seek. For all that we are seeking outside is deep inside us. Let us move to that space of pure inner silence and find clarity and depth, our innate wisdom, positivity and nobility in our thoughts, the foundation of our ultimate destiny. Let us with this new found wealth find the strength to learn from our failures and mistakes, strength to forgive and forget, strength and courage to face new challenges in our life with determination.
Let us be grateful for everything life has already bestowed to us.
May you all find the key to your own inner wealth of choicest blessings, powers and virtues. May you all find true everlasting peace, love and happiness! Wishing you a fruitful and a very Happy New Year 2013.