Only Mauritius feels like home. True, everything is ethnicised. But that is not the only issue; the country is rigged with unfairness. It has beggars that call themselves leaders that ply their trade as sentinels of financiers and are active in ensuring that inequality lives on.
Ethnic division is still reeking. And that should also be of concern to us. Thumbing down the pages of newspapers will reveal a pathological distrust of one another. It is frightening. Even more so, that there is no visible sign that would get us to hope. What should stir the objective mind is that some sowers of hate are treated differently from other agents of division. This is the territory of tilted scales. Probably, the only land where there is inequality of such proportions in the judging of racists.
Should the separation that most ultimately fall prey to really surprise us? We are in a country that was born out of division with one half of the population hating the other. The hatred never quite stopped. It evolved into something more insidious. There is still talk of majority and minority but it has subsided. The opinion leaders have come up with new devices and terms to part us.
Writings by the one penning these lines and by a few others have time and again called for the creation of two parties with nationwide followings. This would free us from the surgical dissection that is practised on a quinquennial basis.  Achieving this would require people to halt the condemnation of each other and understand why the layers of negative perception piled up. Until then, we can gear up for the harvesting.
In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage – Steinbeck
Disparity is flourishing. Those holding financial power do not want to give any of it up. So they hire stooges. And thus, intent, a term rarely associated with political circles, ignited by the lure of money motivated no longer functioning brains to come up with solutions to the quickly eroding value of agricultural land, prompted democratically elected shills to render healthy public bodies dysfunctional and ensured that laws were rendered impotent enough to ensure that they had a field day sine die.
2015 could  be about déjà-vu. The type of feeling we get when we are to choose between two ills. Idealists are the only one who can yet salvage us from another partition. And optimism is hosted in each and every one of us. There is no better time for us to do away with those that have made their careers using hatred to serve the purpose of the power wielders. Du balai.Du balai.
The absence of concrete measures and a coherent plan of action as well as the presence of usual suspects could mean that we are left witnessing yet another battle between segments. This cannot happen again. Not in Paradise.