Can’t pay? Won’t pay! And why should the Mauritian population pay for the huge errors of judgement based on the sheer idiocy of those nutcases thirsty for political vendetta, the latest being the Betamax case where the taxpayers are condemned to reimburse close to Rs 5 billion from their already ragged and torn pockets? Why should the common people pay for the mismanagement, incompetence and arrogance of the nincompoops who are supposed to govern us? Undoubtedly, this government will go down in history as one of the worst, where corruption, nepotism and bad governance have thrived to literally bring us down on our knees.
In their over-zealousness to ‘cleanse’ the country of political rottenness in the aftermath of the 2014 general elections, some of our ministers and close collaborators have embarked upon a national destruction mission and they have been successful so far! The political vendetta (let’s call a spade a spade) and the need to fill their greedy pockets have been so blinding that now, ‘les ti-dimounn’ are forced to kowtow to compensate those who have been wronged by the government in place! False allegations, provisional charges, auctioning of assets which did not belong to them and selling them off at ridiculous rates to their loved and dear ones; it has been a disaster!
Where are those loud-mouthed governors hiding right now? Don’t they have anything to say? Where is the rest of the grinning rulers during the press conference where the mega announcement about the severing of the Betamax contract was made, AGAINST the advice of the Solicitor General? Why don’t they man up and pay from their own pockets for their big blunders that have set the country back? Don’t they dare tell us that they cannot pay back! These people who have brought us into this vertiginous abyss should be held accountable and made foot the bill which is strangling us. Yes! Accountability matters in everything we do. So, to those who are ruining our country: Have the decency to resign due to your incompetence, own up to your mistakes and pay up, even if it means auctioning off your own filthy underwear or smelly socks. Your fault? You pay! Enough is enough! Nou pa pou peye!