Sadek Ruhmaly

Peace Of God Be Upon All – Assalaamu Alaikum
A Piece of The Divine in our Nationhood of Peace.
A Piece of our Humanity in our Deeds of Civic Order.
A Piece of Soul in our Feeling for Serenity.
A Piece of Heart in our Understanding of Differences.
A Piece of Mind to construct a Monument of Harmony.
A Piece of Humility to dilute the Ghost of Anger.
A Piece of Compassion to perfume the Hunger for Happiness.
A Piece of Solidarity to bond the Breach of Suspicion.
A Piece of Magnanimity to weave the Rainbow of Freedoms.
A Piece of Silence to feed the Serenity of All Souls.
A Piece of Our Own Self to wed a Wholeness of Unity.
A Piece of Our Own Dream to enlighten the Aspiration of Other Self.
A Piece of Peace to invite the Rest of the Puzzle to Peace.
Piece all the Peace to reach a Pioneer Status of Noble Attitude.
Unicity of the Divine wrapped in Freedom of Choice.
Choice of Preference bear no Burden onto Others.
Ramadan teaches restraint from Excess.
Ramadan reaches for Quenching the Extremes.
Ramadan preaches Silent Contemplation of Purity.
Ramadan downsizes Exaggeration.
Mauritius is a Symphony of Symbols.
Mauritius is a Blend of All Pieces of Peace in One.
Salaams be Our Peace for All.