When you’re on Facebook and in one of those relationships when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going… this is what the site allows you to put as your relationship status: it’s complicated. Now I think that just being in Mauritius is complicated, with the comings and goings of floor crossers… oops, I mean politicians etc… you know? The 880 000 or so citizens (according to official figures) who decided to vote them to power are totally left out of this conundrum, as the teasing, courting, marrying, consummating then divorcing and door-slamming is done entirely without the People’s consent – as if totally ignoring their power of decision over who’s going to be ‘leader’ of this country!
Now one of the least politically-savvy of all politicians which ever walked the soil of our rainbow nation has the cheek to quit on a rather juicy deal, if you ask me. We all know why he and his buddies did it… but he gets cheekier now as he tries to level with the Lion himself, asking Him to step down and come face the people again. Hang on… did I hear this right? Well, I think I did! I don’t know whether this Little… person is clever or clueless… but I think the latter words sounds rather righter.
I am not hot on floor crossers, but if you ask me, they are doing the right thing. The ‘young’ people who decided on their ‘future’ were right to do so and do so now, as the Sun isn’t likely to shine for much longer. One who betrays cannot expect not to be betrayed in return. The People who voted this coalition into power, over a programme and a need for a sense of direction and leadership are hopefully not going to forget that Little… person and his weirdo sense of dignity, integrity etc. What these Members of Parliament whom we, as a People, send to power need to remember is their Responsibility towards us, to serve us… and that’s totally uncomplicated!