With all due respect, Mr. Raj Paneken, let me jog your memory, in case you have completely forgotten. Before the general elections in 2000, MMM/MSM came up with the famous slogan ‘anou redress nou pei’ and without any thought, the electorate gave them a clear mandate so that their lives could be changed. SAJ as Prime Minister and Paul Bérenger as the Minister of Finance, the population was anxiously waiting for them to turn their promises into actions i.e to (a) redress the economy (b) increase the consumers’ purchasing power (c) maintain Law and Order and (d) create jobs.
Unfortunately, the high expectation of the people was short-lived and they could not believe their ears when Paul Bérenger, then Minister of Finance, told them that ‘bizin ser sentir and wait until things get better’. The idea of ‘anou redress nou pei’ was a mere myth and it was cleverly used by MMM/MSM to dupe ‘lepep admirab’ who thought SAJ and Paul would turn everything they touched into gold, instead ‘la vie lepep ti vinn margoz’.  “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”
Mr. Raj Paneken, do you know why in 2005 the outgoing coalition government (MMM/MSM) was dealt a stinging rebuke by the people whereas the PTr. /PMSD alliance scored a crushing victory at the general elections? Because MMM/MSM failed to deliver what they promised to the population during their electoral campaign, they failed to redress the economy, they failed in their task to bring down inflation and public borrowing, they failed to eradicate extreme poverty and completely failed to alleviate the hardships of the population. Instead, we saw soaring prices in consumers’ utility bills namely electricity, water and gas.
 ‘Sat boir dile so enn sel foi’ –  well said Mr. Raj Paneken and I truly believe you should advise the electorate to send this SMS to Paul and SAJ, if ever Remake 2000 survives until 2015, because a repeat of the MMM/MSM government, which was a total catastrophe between 2000 and 2005, will be disastrous for this country and will ruin all the good work of this government.
We have in this country, some people who are allergic to Navin Ramgoolam but appreciate and enjoy all the good causes and work of his government, such as (a) free public transport (b) subsidies lor riz ration, tank dilo, bonbonn gaz, sofo soler etc. (c) every year increment in old-aged pensioners’ money and the creation of five-star centres where they can go and rest and d) financial supports for single mothers who can have their children being looked after while they go to work.
What makes people despise Navin Ramgoolam? Is it because he (a) is the son of SSR and he always pays tribute to him whenever he gets a chance (b) went with MSM, not MMM, to the general elections and won a huge majority in 2010 b) later allowed MSM to move out of his government (c) is still popular although his opponents are trying everything they can to destabilize his government and dent his status and (d) is very much admired at home especially, among women and well-praised abroad.    
 Mr. Raj Paneken, what is wrong when a Prime Minister wants to achieve success and wants to upgrade his status and that of his country with the consensus of the population and the blessing of the   opposition. I think there is nothing wrong of being ambitious. After all, Navin Ramgoolam is not going to be the Prime Minister or the President with full power (if ever voted in the National Assembly) forever; others will come and take his place one day, might be anyone from Ptr., PMSD, MMM or MSM. Do you know that President Obama congratulated his rival Mitt Romney on securing Republican presidential nomination and I think that our politicians should embrace this sort of attitude, the sooner the better.
Mr. Raj Paneken, at least Navin has not got that obsession of naming any football stadium after him nor the desire of having the profile of his other half printed on any bank note.