It’s now been one week we’re on the ground in Apia and have been heavily involved in the conference on numerous levels whether in the Steering or drafting committee or delivering speeches addressing the community. This is a tipping point for our organisation as we share our campaigns with others and is being approached to create symbiotic partnerships with other Civil Society Organisations, and possible partnerships with United Nation (UN) agencies, and others in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). We find that our work is being recognised and celebrated on an even larger platform, one that we didn’t even dream about. What is equally important is that the keyword for this SIDS conference this year is that of: “partnership”, one which we are striving to fulfil in every angle. From our meetings with different organisations, we are engaged in discussions in fostering partnerships that will not only promote our cause, but also help in information exchange between different countries so as to run more effective campaigns and expand our knowledge and activities across borders.