It has been a little more than two weeks since we got vent that a primary school teacher has been beaten up by two pupils at a ZEP school and it has been just a few days since we heard that a secondary school teacher’s car was damaged by pupils frequenting his own college.  Indiscipline in schools has been rising steadily since quite some time now.  So much that even teachers are voicing out that “the education field is falling to its ruin.”
On what would the world, the society, even the parents or the students blame those two above mentioned cases.  In the first instance, children are concerned, yes, we have to say the children concerned, for they are below the legal age of maturity, even if they did not act as such by taking up the incentives to beat up a teacher.  The school concerned was the same school which attended the poor Joannick Martin, raped and burnt by her uncle.  The ZEP child, hence, does not know any pampering.  He or she has to help the parents at home, he or she knows about sex and does experiment with it quite early in life.  And, he or she has absolutely no interest whatsoever in schooling.  
In the second instance, the school concerned was a college and the students, smashed the windshield of a teacher’s car simply because the latter was doing his best to impose his measures of discipline on them.
Anyone who works at a school will be lucid enough to say that indiscipline among students is on the rise because nowadays too much emphasis is being placed on the children’s rights.  To help you see my point with more clarity, I invite you to use yourself, who I presume is a mature adult reader, as an example.  Back when you were at school, were you always keen and eager to study?  Were you not more interested in play?  Or in doing mischief?  Were you not caned?  And when you would get caned, would your parents not agree with your teacher?  After all, the teacher is here to make of you, somebody, a learned somebody.  
Nowadays, teachers are not given any importance.  If he does use his rod against a student, he easily gets a police case.  He even risks losing his job.  There was a case recently of a primary school teacher in Rodrigues who lost her job because she did dare to use the rod on a pupil.
Now, concerning the ZEP programme, I strongly believe that the whole syllabus is to be reviewed.  How come when the school is demarcated ZEP, the pupils are considered academically inferior yet,  the school programme remains the same?  How can a child who has such a deep unease in him or her as to dare beat up a teacher, be given the same programme as would be given to a child in a star school?  Would not streaming be considered correct in a ZEP school?  Giving the high fliers of the ZEP school all the opportunities to realize their potential while allow the others to use their extra energy would not be a bad idea.  Would not dancing and music as well as more of moral education and other extracurricular activities like Slam and Drama be more appropriate for these pupils?  They are certainly not the bookish type.    
Does an adolescent at school not need understanding and psychological counselling more than disciplinary measures?  All adults have been through this difficult stage known as adolescence.  It is a difficult period during which one learns to know oneself, one learns to assert oneself.  Too much of punishment and disciplinary measures tend to make such a one a rebel and an outcast.  An adolescent who does not believe in his teacher’s rigidity in trying to make him a learned individual is surely going off track.  The task of making him see clearly thus rests on the parental nest from which the child evolves.
But if the society is ill, the society is polluted and cannot cater to the needs of those who would become the adults of tomorrow, the adults who would be smashing cars for any reason, then I guess, everyone should start to sing with France Gall, “qui a eu cette idée folle, un jour, d’inventer l’école?”