Between 1st January 2005 and 24 June 2011, 17 pedestrians have been killed on zebra crossings and 350 others wounded.
Speeding and deficit in concentration contribute to regrettable collisions which, alas, are unforgiving to vulnerable groups like pedestrians.
Hence, humps have been introduced to control speeding but they should be as conspicuously visible as the road sign drawing attention to their presence, otherwise they might rather adversely turn into safety liabilities.
Yet, their maintenance is often overlooked as shown in the picture taken at Ratsitatane road, Rose Hill, on 1st June :
The white markings on the hump have faded and the road sign, on the left, indicating its presence is obstructed by branches.
Another road sign, forewarning the presence of a pedestrian crossing next to Rose Hill Market, has been so neglected that it has turned rusty.
Overpowered by decay, what initially meant to be a life-saving device is now adding to the environmental eye-sores of this highly frequented landmark of Rose-Hill.
Besides their informative and safety use, clearly displayed and well maintained road signs and road markings send a strong signal to road users and visitors about the scale of importance life protection occupies in this country.
Their maintenance is therefore a priority.