Many of us dream of a peaceful world without violence. Some make it a must to voice out their outrage against violence and a few actually act in a non-violent way. 
Though peace is a state that is much desired by individuals irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or colour, yet we find that it is difficult for people to work together for peace. Is it because we are most of the time motivated by our selfish interests? Is it because our greed for fame, power, wealth and status has rendered us insensible to the sufferings of others? Or is it simply because we think that peace is not possible and all our efforts in this endeavour will be vain?
Whatever be the reasons for our incapacity to work together for peace, we can perhaps acknowledge that we all desire to be peaceful and happy. Let us then imagine working for our peace and happiness. But can we be peaceful if we are constantly in conflict with ourselves and others? If we think about it, the conflicts that we encounter in our lives snatch away our peace of mind. Very often, the unresolved conflicts lead to mental, verbal and physical violence. History is a testimony of the fact that it is very difficult to solve conflicts without violence. The wars, brutality and criminal acts that we have witnessed in the past and continue to observe leave us speechless. However, it is high time we gather our strength and speak up against violence. By keeping quiet, we have for years, allowed violence to spread in our home, workplace, society and country. Most importantly, we have enabled violence to take roots in our mind. It has possessed our whole being so that now we think, speak and act in a violent way. Thus, when it comes to solving conflicts, we do it with violence. We need then to learn to live in a non-violent way. A transformation is required and it has to come from within. 
Enter into dialogue with yourself. Get rid of the fear of violence that has paralysed you for years. Speak up. Share your views with others and enter into communion with them. Do not hesitate to take one step towards peace. Do not even think whether you will be successful or not. Just do your best to uproot violence. Do it because all you want is peace. In this way, you will gradually contribute to a peaceful world and make peace a reality.