God’s coming is always connected to difficult times on earth.  His role is to be Benevolent, Merciful and Transformational. He comes to redeem humans from sin and suffering. He is the Liberator who frees humans from bondages.  God comes in the darkest period of World Drama when all human souls are stumbling or sleeping in the darkness of spiritual ignorance.
We all agree that today life has become a burden and a misery for the majority of the humans. The scale of human sufferings has surpassed all imaginable proportions. Crime, unrighteousness and sin are omnipresent over the entire world.  Corruption has become a way of life and moral values have become inexistent.  It is an age of extreme injustice, rape, robbery, murder.  Unfaithfulness, deceit and other crimes are committed every minute of every hour everyday.  Who can solve such a chaotic situation?  All plans and solutions devised by humans have failed in improving things.  Even scientific outbreaks have not been able to reduce the misery and plight of humans.
The dark clouds of negativity, weaknesses, untimely death and disease, violence and destruction are compelling everyone to be in a remorseful mood most of the time.  The human race is presently going through the final years of the Iron Age.
As mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, God Himself reincarnates on earth to liberate all humans from the vicious bondage of sin and suffering.  He comes to lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.  This Divine Incarnation of God is called Shivratri.
The Festival of Shivratri is celebrated to commemorate the Divine birth of Incorporeal God Shiva who is the Father of all souls.  God Shiva, therefore, brings benefit to all souls by performing the Divine functions of creating and sustaining a new Pure World and destroying all vices and evils from the old impure world.  He gives liberation and salvation to all human beings at the end of ‘Kalyuga’ –  the Iron Age.  God Shiva does all this by adopting a human medium – Brahma – through whose medium he reveals the knowledge about human souls, God and the Cycle of Time.
If human beings understand how his unique incarnation take place and consider themselves as the Children of God Father Shiva, whose name signifies that He is the World Benefactor, they too, as worthy children of God could work for the benefit of all Humankind.  The politicians would work not for the sake of power but for the well being of all, the economists would frame policies for the greatest good of all.  The educationists would frame a policy which would include Moral Values for all.  They would then consider the importance of Moral and Spiritual well being of the children and so too would everyone work for the good of all.  Therefore, if the world realizes these truths then the world would celebrate Shivratri as the holiest, the greatest and most significant festival of human souls throughout the world.