Well, that was quite unexpected, wasn’t it? The overwhelming victory of L’Alliance Lepep has been a resounding slap.  It has been a massive shock. The people have at last woken up from the depth of their slumbers.  One way to analyse this incredible result is that they have had enough of the previous rulers’ excess of show, non-proximity to them, nepotistic practices, giving away of the national wealth to those intimate friends and their needs being systematically ignored.
But the real nail in the coffin has been the unholy alliance between the Mauritius Labour Party and the Mouvement Militant Mauricien. It was at that point that the wool was pulled out of the people’s eyes.  How could two political parties, which had been at daggers’ drawn night and day suddenly have such a change of heart? That was very suspicious! Two very political rivals burying the hatchet, forgetting each other’s scandals in the blink of an eye did make people stop right in their tracks and gasp.  The diehards of the two political blocks found that unholy alliance too venomous to swallow and we have witnessed their exasperation at the polls.  
In the case of the Mauritius Labour Party, truth be said that it has become a shadow of its former self. Taken over by the multiple ‘transfuges’, the diehards could no longer identity with the fundamental ideologies of their party.  They had lost their voice.  Decisions were taken without their contribution and approval.  Even the MMM diehard members felt increasingly alienated as they were bluntly silenced and booted out. They were left with no identity and the outrage they felt when the alliance was contracted can now be felt.  
The Mouvement Socialiste Militant, the Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate and the Mouvement Libérateur, formerly jeered as ‘minuscule’ parties, have majestically turned the tables over.  They have included many young dynamic faces, in order to appeal to younger voters.  They presented a manifesto which was pragmatic and realistic. It has been a masterstroke and social media such as Facebook and YouTube did play a decisive role in swaying the votes.  The clip ‘Viré Mam’ has gone viral and such has been its popularity that it has now firmly embedded itself into the catchphrase encyclopaedia of Mauritius.  The hypocrisy of the leaders was undeniable.
Maybe, the lesson politicians had better remember is that the people come first and foremost.  They should certainly not be taken for granted.  They see, hear, observe, understand and know.  Their wrath has been felt. The silent mass has finally spoken.  Amen.