A citizen

Morcellement Rawat

Petite Rivière

Dear Mr President,

After trying to contact you several times, and after sending emails and petitions to your office, the people of a small street at the dead end of Lobin, Lane, Petite Rivière, are left with no alternative but to reach you through this medium.

As you will see in the photos, our main problem is the deplorable condition of our road infrastructure. Potholes abound and moving in and around our locality is kind of hell. These days, only a one-lane road can be used.

The area allocated for a Green Space in our morcellement has now been transformed into a dumping space. We have received the same response every time your officers have come to visit our morcellement: that our case will be discussed during the next committee. We wonder if over the three years that we have been complaining about our situation, our turn is yet to come on the agenda on your so-called committees.

The District Council of Black River is spending huge money on a bus-stop in Albion but what about us, small village people who live in Petite Rivière?  Why are we neglected? We are not asking for any luxurious road or bus-stop, just a good condition of living and environment.

Yours faithfully.