Whenever a trade-unionist in the civil service reaches the supervisory/administrative body, decency demands that he steps down as trade-unionist in order to prevent what is called conflict of interest. A trade-unionist digne de ce nom understands the implication and eventually leaves his trade-union activity with pride.
The problem now is that we are faced with two types of trade-unionist. The first one is very serious and dedicated. He builds his force on his integrity. He uses facilities like time-off etc very judiciously in accordance to the work demands of the moment. This type of trade-unionist is ready to give his life to serve workers.
The second type of trade-unionist is very cunning, pretends to work but in fact is not working at all ; He/she enjoys the facilities offered for his own benefit. Very often trade-unionist falling in this category is the laziest among his fellow workers ; as far as work output is concerned Majakaro is his philosophy. He is not ready to sacrifice his life for the cause of workers.
The second type of trade-unionist refuses to leave the trade-union field despite having reached the supervisory/administrative body. This situation, of course, is detrimental to the workers he/she supposedly serves for the element of trust is seriously jeopardized, indecency having taken over.
Decency is described in the dictionary as the requirements of respectable behaviour in society, but since indecency is becoming the fashion of the day, I make a humble call upon the Honourable Minister of Labour and Industrial Relations, Mr Shakeel Mohamed, to consider this request for a law against indecency in order to kill the majakaro virus and eventually save genuine trade-unionism.
It is really indecent to represent both the employer and the employee. You can’t have it both ways.