We were stunned not to say flabbergasted to hear last week a member of the Opposition castigating the Chinese workers and dubbing them as ‘prisoners’. Such allegation is false, malicious and vexatious. Wagging tongue must know what it mutters. Unless we show sheer ignorance of reality or we are myopic we can make such false and malicious allegations. For God’s sake make constructive opposition. “Ingratitude thy name is”, Shakespeare wrote. There is no sector where China has not left its imprints. Architectural jewels like stadium, hospitals, bridges, airport, road network mushrooming across our landscape bear indelibly the imprints of China thanks to the long standing friendship between China and Mauritius envisioned by SSR. Chinese workers are the invisible ones. They respect the law of the host-country. They are peace-loving and law-abiding. They have left behind their wives and children to help in the development of Mauritius often in truly terrible conditions, struggling in the most hostile environment. Unlike the European counterparts they need only their bowl of rice and their chopsticks to survive and work. “They are not to be seen but they are everywhere” commented an Egyptian shopkeeper in Cairo. On Sundays while we Mauritians are going for picnic they are seen  toiling under the scorching sun, far away from their homeland.They do not know “lundi cordonnier”.
The Chinese migrant workers in the vicinity were the first to step on the streets of devastated Port Louis to clear away the mess and come to rescue the victims in the wake of the ravaging flash flood. Again they were the first volunteers to intervene to disentangle the victims from the mass of distorted metals of the bus on the motorway on that fateful day. All this seems to be ignored by some. The Chinese workers have left behind everything wives and children to come to earn some extra money. I would like to remind that member: next  time when he drives on the carpet-like road he must be reminded that there is always the sweat and tears of Chinese workers on it. After all he was a former trade unionist he must have known the sufferings and the plight of migrant workers. I would like to know the reaction of the ex-president and founder of Amicale-Chine Mauritius who is in the remake.
There is too much China bashing in this country. Enough is enough. In the past the same anti Chinese campaign was conducted in some quarters against the Chinese girls in the textiles. They were labelled as call-girls. But do we know that the economic textile miracle had been made possible thanks to the contribution of the Chinese female workers. I would like to remind that person that the passports of these workers have not been confiscated to enslave them as is the practice in Dubai or in Saudi Arabia. What about the workers from Bangla Desh.? Nothing is written on them and lay camouflaged. If we want to practise  demagogy please do not do it on the back of these poor and innocent Chinese migrant workers.