Even the street-lighting poles are being vandalised by some thoughtless “voler feray” these days and nothing is being done to stop them; on the contrary, their malicious actions are being made easier by some irresponsible workers who, most of the time, leave the gaps at the bottom of these electric poles unlocked after having carried out work on them, as shown in the picture.
It’s inconceivable that MPs of constituency No. 20, Councillors of BB/RH and inspectors of the CEB, who regularly travel along the Royal Road of Belle Etoile, have not seen this danze piblik which is, in fact, next to a bus stop.
For how long, authorities like the CEB and the Municipal Council of BB/ RH will let this street lighting pole stay in this hazardous condition. Shall we wait until a poor child pulls the wires and receives a shock which could be fatal ?
If we really want to live in an ecological and a safer Mauritius then every citizen has to start taking care of the environment. Most importantly, the authorities concerned should hit hard those scoundrels whose aim is to steal, make some quick money and satisfy their needs.
It would be wise on the part of the authorities if any apparent hazard could be averted before it is too late.