Today’s opinion paper is based on my own experience of time management. It’s a big headache to use our time sensibly and effectively and that especially in this fast-moving, demanding and hectic world of stresses and strains. Life itself is an ongoing race or battle against time.
Besides it goes without saying that time is of the essence. No doubt, it is indeed the deciding factor in the life, success or failure of all of us. If we can utilize time judiciously and productively, we can well be on the road to success. Every successful person has as roots and magic wand a good management of time. It’s the same especially for the student class.
On the other hand, someone who can’t control his or her time and is a slave to other matters or vices ; it’s dead sure that he/she will fail in his/her work. He/she will not succeed in life. And performance will be of poor quality ! That’s absolutely certain. So, the one who does not or cannot govern his/her time always cuts a poor figure. For sure, people do not hold him/her in high esteem. All told, it’s the same yardstick for one and all. Therefore, time should be on our side and that at all costs. In short, time is money. Time is respect as well as success !
But why am I philosophizing ? Definitely not to lecture or give private lessons. Nor to act as a guru. Far from those concerns ! Verily I believe in the age-old philosophy of sharing, giving and helping. By sharing, I mean ideas, values, information, concerns, beliefs, experiences, responsibility and a whole host of other things. And that with the sole purpose of helping people.
But beware : As far as possible, I do not share my suffering as well as other aches and pains. Those close to me know it perfectly as much as they understand themselves. Nor do I like sharing blame. Why should I overburden others with my problems which are often self-created. And which need to be solved but by myself !
That said, an anecdote from an Indian poet is flashing through my mind right now : A fisherman’s sailing boat got slightly knocked against a rock in heavy seas. There appeared a small crack in the wooden hull. Some water started pouring in through the leak. All through, the distressed fisherman had to throw out the water with a bucket. And that rescue work continued till he safely reached the beach.
Now : What would have happened if he would not have continuously lightened the boat ? The craft would have sunk to the bottom of the sea with the load of water. And together, the fisherman would have been drowned. Never to see light again ! In the same way, one should lighten one’s knowledge and share it with others.
Empty out your experience : Learn to distribute it so that others might profit. Don’t bring it to your grave. No surprise, books have been written from time immemorial precisely for that reason. And mankind is what it is today because of the books passed on from generation to generation by the learned and other sages. Little wonder that one and all has told humanity to manage time and make maximum use of it fruitfully. A stitch in time saves nine, goes the English saying. Yes, time is also a great healer. Provided of course that we know its importance !
However, all was not perfect in my life. That was when I was young when I did not realize the significance, relevance and weightiness of time. It’s a matter of deep regret that I have wasted too much time in my life. And that in useless things which have not benefited me in the least or in the long run.
Yes, I completely and stupidly forgot that time was not on my side. That time lost could never be regained totally. That time is like the air we breathe and the flowing river water. They are not the same with each and every blink of the eye. What goes out never comes back. Yes, it saddens me to think of my past when I foolishly wasted time. No longer now ! I utilize each and every second to useful purpose. Had I done so when I was young, it’s certain that I would have been a totally different person. In the good sense of course ! We’ll develop the subject in the next article. But time is running out !