Since the new committee has taken over recently the administration of the Noorani Mosque of Bel-Air, Rivière Sèche, we notice that a lot of changes are happening these days. Many poor and deprived children benefit a lot when it comes to education. The Mosque, I have been told, has even helped finance some poor CPE students.
Every morning there is a special religious school (Madrassa) in the Mosque for all children to attend. The administrative team took this initiative with a view to helping those children to acquire the basic knowledge of Islam which is a religion of peace, discipline and harmony. On week-ends, a free special religious school is held at the Mosque for those students who can’t afford to pay private tuition at other religious schools. We also have regular religious seminars, debates, and poverty alleviation sessions by the Mosque’s administration.
We need to thank Mr Nasser Cassimally, the treasurer of the Noorani Mosque as one of the active members for all the good work that has been accomplished these days. It is thanks to this new committee that many children have benefited a lot in the field of religious education.
Furthermore, the Mosque provided food to many very poor families who can’t afford a square meal a day. Many directors and managers of supermarkets and shops have donated food for all those frequenting the Mosque for their daily prayers. The salvation army of the Noorani Mosque is doing its best to make life comfortable and pleasant to poor families. Let’s hope other religious institutions follow the example of this Mosque.